Education kit for everyone, Learning by playing

what we do

We are not only providing good products but also excellent training services


We create suitable products which are invention electronics board and kits suitable for all ages

Training Courses

Our training courses are the education solution for everyone with criteria is “change the way we learn and play”


The short course with advanced contents as well as workshop with hot topics.

About PAP

With PAP, making & learning is never easy like that

Not only create an more completed education environment in electrical and mechanical engineering, we focus on building the kit, documentation and courses as a full and professional ecosystem for everyone, espeacially for children of Vietnam.

  • Producing educational kit

    We have engineers who love to work and make awesome educational kit. It is not some common thing you can see in the market, It is perfect product with high quality made by hearts

  • Design training courses

    All our courses are based on experience of our team, combined with the reference model of education of developed countries on the world. You will get not only the knowledge but also the joy and convenience of participating in these courses.

  • Distribution

    Not only create and distribute products made by PAP, we also provide you genuine imported products with high quality and best warranty policy. For each product you buy from PAP, you will get customer service as well as from original manufacturers.

The team

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Tri Truong

Tri is an engineering student but he loves to design cool things. Improvement of products, packaging design, website, media contents were made by this guy.
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Phi-Anh Phan

PAP, the name of company, is stands for his name – Phi-Anh Phan. Phi-Anh is a person with deep knowledge in control system area. His desire is to create an education environment which priority activities and innovative practices to help children in Vietnam has better conditions to learn and play.
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Nhan Nguyen

Nhan a.k.a Sieu Nhan, If you are looking for a person who can make anything, from Electronics, IT to cooking, truly nothing seems impossible to him! “Nothing is possible until you make it!”, he said.

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